Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 2009 Update

Hellow Friends and family, it is high time for me to get back to this blog for an update. I am proud to post the new paintings above, examples of the work that has been keeping me busy in the past weeks. You may see additional work on my facebook page, where I posted recent paintings today.

If you are over age 18, I also invite you to visit www.barebrush.com where one of my paintings is included in the April calendar page, namely on April 17. If you look at the calendar page by selecting N*de of the Month, you will also be able to cast your vote in the two polls, displayed on the right side, next to the calendar. The second of the two polls, allows you to cast your vote for my painting by selecting April 17 as your favorite of the images in the April calendar. You can also print the calendar page, if you wish.

If you click on the image of my painting, you should also be able to view some of my other paintings posted on that website. Good luck.

I welcome your comments, here and on the other websites.

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